About Latin Sindhi

In Sindh (Pakistan) the Sindhi language is written in the modified Perso-Arabic script. In India, it is written in Devanagari Script.

Sindhis living in Pakistan, as well as Sindhis living in India, can speak and understand each other. However, in texting, they use the English alphabets to represent Sindhi words. This can be misinterpreted most of the time because there are so many sounds in Sindhi language that don't exist in English.

This script would allow Sindhis all over the world to communicate with each other through one common script.

And I think this script might prove itself a better tool for teaching our language. Because many language learners find Arabic alphabets difficult to read, write and understand. This script might reduce one hurdle from their way of learning our language. And to further help them, I will create an online dictionary and a website containing short Sindhi stories written entirely in Latin Script.

What are the proposed alphabets for the Latin script of Sindhi?

Alphabets in Sindhi Latin script

Creating harsh sounds using this script

Example text written in Latin Sindhi?

Muhunjo nalo Fahad ahe, aen hë projekt muhunjo ahe... agar ko maslo huje ẗa hinna ëmail (Qazifahadmaqsood@gmail.com) ẗe munkhe b́udhaijo.

What are some tricks to remember Latin alphabets of Sindhi Language?

Why am "I" developing it?

This all started as a "foolish" project to hide my source code. I tried to program my websites using Sindhi so that no one can understand how they were programmed. But the problem was that typing Sindhi in Arabic script is a pain in hands and reading Sindhi written through English alphabets is weird and nonstandard because everyone writes it in his own unique way. So, I thought, Why not create my own Latin script for Sindhi language which would contain all the sounds Sindhi language has. This way, Sindhi will get easier to read and write on the internet! And I made it.

A friend of mine saw this and said that it was a great idea and he said he would use it to communicate with others on social media. And... That's when I thought this script can be used in day to day life. I asked others about this too, and everyone appreciated me and said I should come up with a way through which common people can type it on Computers and mobile phones.

And then here we are!

Where can I contact the developer?

You can email me at Qazifahadmaqsood@gmail.com or you can also follow me or message me on Quora and Twitter.